These 10 photographs are a selection from my 44-picture book entitled “this LAND of MARKS”, condensed and re-organised here for presentation purposes.
“this LAND of MARKS” deals with the historical memory and cultural expression that are conveyed by what I see as marks on the inhabited environment. Like every token of history around us, these land-marks, in a broad meaning, embody that sense of belonging which partly defines our identity.

In 2012 my city, Ferrara, Italy, faced the unconsidered possibility of destruction by earthquake.
Though the city ended up being only mildly hit, I finally stopped taking it for granted.

This project’s aim is to offer and share beauty, fantasy, history, and constructive thoughts in the perceptually easiest way possible, and through new perceptions of everyday, eye-level viewpoints. Tight composition and subject simplification, as well as colour, play a major role.